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Seducing palates from Galicia to the world


Our Project is born with Maseda Fole family in year 2019. For this time, Mercedes, heiress to Casa de Outerio, gave us a parto f her history: a 14th-century great house with chapel, crest and 32 hectares of land.


By acquiring Casa de Outeiro, we made a promise to Mercedes and all the people who lived in it. That promise is to restore the house and its 6 centuries of history. The house is in ruins nowadays.


The plantation is located in Quiroga, DO Ribeira Sacra. It consist of 25 hectars of vineyard set out in terraces with all orientations, 3 kind of soils, 8 autochthonal varieties and planted at high density. Moreover, we have respected a 2,5 hectares luxuriant hundreds-years-old Quercus suber forest around the House.


Passion, Prestige and quality define us. In just over a year, our wines are present in Spain, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Poland, Holland, Romania and Belgium. Distributors working with our wines, show off this galician wine, elaborated in Quiroga, in Ribeira Sacra.



An opportunity to make the difference with competiors and promote the excluisivity of the product. According to the inform Experience is everything from PWC, consumers are ready for paying until 15% more than normal cost to obtain a differencial experience.


We make with you, local wine tasting, lunches with media and presentations to customers to get a better introduction of Casa de Outeiro in your country. We also make support and training to staff.

guaranteed quality control

Over more the DO Ribeira Sacra controls, Casa de Outeiro has exhaustive and strict quality control to guarantee the bets conditions for our wines and leave the cellar in optimal conditions.


We have three ranges of our wines, from fresher till more intense, from lighter till more structured, from more fruit till more aging and from chepaer to more expensive. We choose three words that simbolyze three important facts for us.


It is our introduction range. There are fresh and light wines, aromatic, with different shades. The Mencía has a Wood remember.

  • Mencía
  • Godello
  • Treixadura
  • acidity 90% 90%
  • aging 30% 30%
  • total volume 30% 30%


That wines are elaborated with selected grapes from special vineyards. We look for more complex and strong, persistence in mouth and good intensity.

  • Mencía
  • Godello
  • Treixadura
  • acidity 60% 60%
  • aging 60% 60%
  • total volume 60% 60%


Elegant and large wines. They spend more time in wood barrels, so they have a higher aromatic complexity. Wines recomended to open the heart in the most special moments.

  • Mencía
  • Godello
  • acidity 30% 30%
  • aging 90% 90%
  • total volume 90% 90%


Galicia is probably one of the places in the world with more wine power. It has climatic and soil diversity and a long list of autochthonous varieties. All these things make Galicia a paradise for oenology.

Currently, there are five Origin Denomination and four Protected Geographic Indication.


Ribeira Sacra,


The Origin Denomination was born in 1996, with more than 2000 years of history associated to their lands. It covers an área of 2.500 ha of vineyard. It is the 5,2% of the ground dedicated to vine in Galicia and parishes and places of 19 municipalities located along the banks of river Miño and Sil.

The cultivation is made in terraces and hillsides. Nowadays, 45% of the grapes and harvest in Quiroga. This is possible because of the weather condition whit mediterranean infliuence, the soils diversity and the posibility to harvest in hillsides.



Casa de Outeiro


We are totally focus on quality, cleaning, varietal expression and control of acidity by selection the harvest point. This make that our customers know that our wines do not fail today and Will be age even better tomorrow.

Our objetives are to value this valley, to help to the conservation of traditional vineyards and fulfill the promise to restore the Casa de Outeiro. That objectives involve our clients in the cause, in love with a project built from the roots.Our presence in 9 countries and national territory through first level distributors is the best evidence that we can shouw to our future distributors.


– Juan luis Vázquez, CEO

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